Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Firefly Where Are You?

Now that I know fireflies don't live in all other states they amaze me even more.  When we went to HH we went to visit our awesome family in North Carolina and learned that there are no fireflies.  None.    How can this be?  Something I just grew up with as part of my everynight during Summers in Ohio.  Sometimes I would put them in jars and leave them as a natural night light.  In awe of the light I would watch them glow and then set them free the next morning (although most would not fly away).  So tonight we went firefly hunting ...again because we must, it is now part of my everynight as an adult because I can.  It is a happy childhood memory that I have and I hope one day The Boys will have similar good memories.  The Boys love it and they will forever know how unique the firefly is.  I also really enjoy the fact that they call them fireflies.  I called them lightning bugs but firefly makes them sound special and they are!!

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