Monday, August 29, 2011

Back To School ~ The Shift

Since making the decision to work nights and leave my fulltime job as an early learning center administrator I've enjoyed the opportunity to stay home all Summer with The Boys.  It has challenges.  Trying to keep 4 young boys out of the black hole of bordem is both exhausting and wonderful.  There are the highs when you see smiles and happy giggles fill the air, and there are lows when you are so tired you can't possibly imagine answering the question " Can I have a friend over?".  There are moments of "Why?, What?, How?...Ugh!!" and there are those moments of "I love you mommy" and "I love you to my little love bucket, love bug, buzz, mister man", and all the other little names I have for my little men.    

I'm so blessed to be able to work nights and have my days with my boys.  However, this Summer I got to the point in early August  when I was excited for school to start.  Ready for Carter and Tyler to go back to school, to have them go and learn and be busy ALL DAY!!!  Ready for them to see their friends ready for them to not be here everyday.  Well not really, but yes really.  That IS what happens when they go back to school.  They leave and are out of the house most of the day.  It is both happy and sad.  So I'm so excited for Carter and Tyler.  I see that they embrace  school, they celebrate their friendships.   This is the second full week of school and I miss them terribly.  It's quiet, it's calm, it's strange, it's different.  Let's just say I'm counting down the days til Holiday Break!!  I'm so proud of my BIG third and first graders!!

I know how scary it can be
To go out on your own,
To leave your favorite books and toys
And mom and dad at home.
But if you dare to take a step
And see what's waiting there,
You just might make a friend or two
With toys and bikes to share.
So open up your hand real wide
And feel that loving kiss
That rushes straight into your heart
And just remember this:
A Kissing Hand upon your cheek
Will warm you through and through:
A Kissing Hand upon your cheek
Says "I love you."

One of the best stories ever.  Thank You Mrs. Larabee for sending this home with a "Kissing Hand"...I think it was more for me not for Tyler! I love it!!  They grow fast they become so indepedent ...I'm learning that even when it's tough to cherish it, embrace it,  I must plant the seed of love and watch it grow!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bad People Making Bad Choices in Great Communities

I have always had the privilege of living in a community that had low crime.  There was no reason to lock your door, have a security system or worry about people knowing you are out of town.  I’ve lived in comfort, the comfort of my home, the comfort of my neighborhood, the comfort of a quiet community.   I’ve worked hard to make sure that my children too have the benefits of living in a community with low crime.  We have left doors unlocked, we still have a block party every summer, and we take walks after dark. 

Yesterday my comfort was shaken, stirred by the shootings in Copley.  Growing up in nearby community and having so many friends, co-workers and relatives live in Copley it’s similarities to my childhood community make it such a close relative.  Copley and Revere were huge rivals.  We would battle for the bell every year but most of us would still have friendships with students from Copley.  It was part of the culture, the peace because we lived in such great communities we had so much in common it was easy to be friendly with one another.

If you told me that this would happen, that I would wake up and see Massacre In Copley I’d say you’re crazy it doesn’t happen there.  The reality is it can happen anywhere.  Green, Wadsworth, Norton, Hudson, Medina, Jackson, Strongsville, no community is immune.  It is so hard to remember that people make bad choices everyday and follow the wrong path.  It’s even harder when others bad choices effect your everyday, take away the ones you love, and alter your future.  I commend all law enforcement involved, (Akron, Fairlawn, Copley) and I’m impressed with their swift action and organization.  Delivering information to people that are struggling to understand.  Another piece of what makes a great community.

We will pray for the families, we will remember the good times and we will hug our loved ones a little tighter as the realization comes to light.    We never know, We are not in control.  We will still raise our children in these great communities, because they will ALWAYS be great.   We can still love our neighbors; still come together at High School football games.   We can still enjoy our parades and festivals our school systems.  We will support our friends, our neighbors.  We will be reminded that everyday is a gift and to live it well!! 

Today I remember all of the victims of the shootings in Copley, Ohio on Sunday August 7, 2011. 

~God Bless

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The Best Snickerdoodles ~ SUPER EASY to make!!  It's also a great base recipe to put into memory because it's so simple!!  Enjoy!

1 c butter or Margarine
2 large eggs
1 3/4 c sugar
3 c flour
2 tsp cream of tartar
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
 ( dough is a a little gooey place dough in fridge for 10 minutes and in between batches)
Roll heaping Tbs of dough in 3 tbs Sugar and 3 tsp cinnamon mixture  Bake @ 350 for 10 minutes!!  That's It, and so good!!  I even melted some mini marshmallows on top!! Place them on top when there is about 3 minutes of bake time left eat while warm and gooey!! YUMMY!!

Little Boys.....Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

     I wanted to share some random things that have happened the past few days. I haven't felt 100% the past few days but life keeps going and I have 4 busy boys that keep me moving.  It can be hectic, crazy, fun, and never boring!
     The other day Ty walks up to me with a slug, yes a slug in his hand crawling leaving a unique trail of slime.  OK so I see a ton of bugs all different kinds, worms, but slugs are just gross to me and I don't think they are really designed to be held or touched for that matter.  In the same day Nolan (our comedian) says "Mommy I love shark week can we catch a shark and keep it". No, love they have to stay in the ocean!! Nolan also periodically breaks into song singing "Like it's dynamite, I said a ehoh, a ehoh, like it's dynamite" as loud as he can (thank you KidzBop!)
     Yesterday was filled with boys in the neighborhood coming over in, out, in, out, at one point I found myself saying things my mom used to say to me "in or out boys pick one and stay there". Next I'm saying "Stay outside and play you go back to school in 16 days." Then as they are outside I'm watching them jump bikes off ramps, skateboard down the driveway, race on scooters, and now I'm shouting "get helmets on or you are coming inside"...wait didn't I just talk them into going outside?  Ugh!
    Life with a new puppy has been busy.   The boys have been helping out a ton.  They take her outside, they give her treats and have even mastered using the bag to clean up after Cocoa does her "business".   Yesterday Tyler says "Mom when can we get 2 dogs?".  Really, I think we just got Cocoa  one week ago.  Let's get her trained first and then we'll talk OK kiddo!!   Have a beautiful day.  Slow down and enjoy the little things.
     *Today is my mom's birthday!! Happy Birthday mom!! We love you!!