Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A New Year

So it's been a while since I've posted's a new year!!  We have had some changes!!  Exciting changes! I'm no longer working midnights at the hospital.  I'm still working as a consultant with Tastefully Simple but most of my job right now is just being CEO of a busy household with 4 busy growing boys.  I will return to the workforce full time someday but for now this works for us...although I have days where I miss my co-workers the passion I had for the job I did is still alive and well so I hope to feed that someday! 

The Team Brones is starting off with a busy calendar full of basketball, a talent show, kindergarten meetings, and birthday celebrations!! The days around here always seem busy.  I need my fresh hot coffee every morning before I dive into what the day has in store for me.  I never thought that a good cup of joe would make me happy...but it really does :)

 I have learned that boys + gross stuff = FUN!  I'm also learning that it is so important to play. stop to play.  I'm learning to tell the dishes to wait a minute or the phone to wait or the email to hold on....and telling the boys sure, yep let's do it, and yes let's play, oh but it's not easy because let's face it there are always chores that you can find to suck up your time!!  It seems to be working and I'm having fun too!!  It's honestly my dream job!!

I hope that 2013 brings good health, happiness, and a feeling of fullness for your soul~

Have a great day ~ Remember to Pay It Forward ~ Remind those you love that they are appreciated everyday!