Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Be A Light So Others May See

 As a co-founder of a non-profit organization that makes blankets for children and families at Akron Children's Hospital Team Sofie Chapter 2   I love that I'm able to spread the love, hope, and inspiration of beautiful angel Sofie through the warmth and comfort of a fleece blanket when those need it most.  I love that we are able to have people from anywhere go to our website and request a blanket for anyone, anywhere.  I love that peace is found through these blankets. If one person recieves comfort and love fromthis then TSC2 has had a successful journey!!

Team Sofie has opened my eyes to helping in anyway I can to offer my heart to others.  This Summer I met an amazing family they have a daughter named Quinn and she was born with EB.  She is amazing and has been through so much in her 4 months of life.  She is currently in Minnesota going through a medical trial of a Bone Marrow Transplant .  She had the transplant two weeks ago/   This is a life changing/saving measure as children with EB are not givin a long life expectancy and she is the first ever to be recieving this type of treatment at her age.  It is amazing journey of love, faith, courage and strength.

I'm asking you today to read this and act and learn more.
Share a link so that others can learn more.
There maybe someone else out there in your world that might want to do something for EB....maybe it's a doctor/scientist that wants to do more research, maybe it's someone that wants to volunteer to help, maybe it's someone that will go to a Be The Match drive and see if they can be a bone marrow match for someone else that needs it, maybe it will be someone else that is touched by this story and wants to spread awareness!!

Please help me spread the word , pray for Quinn and her family.
 This Holiday Season ~ BE A LIGHT SO OTHERS MAY SEE!!
Thank You~