Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Eve Of One~The Baby

As I embark on my youngest child turning 1 tomorrow I'm filled with an overload of emotions.  We are done adding to our family and we are in transition.  In nine years I've been pregnant 5 times, I have had 4 healthy boys and one angel baby.  One we only ever saw a heartbeat and a picture a few times on a screen, one was premature, one weighed 10lbs. 5 and a half ounces, one was born in Wadsworth, and one will forever be "The Baby".  Tomorrow My "baby" hits a Huge milestone.  I'm so happy that he is healthy, happy and I'm so blessed to have been able to witness everything that he has done.  I didn't miss any firsts!!  However I'm embarking on uncharted waters ...the last baby in the family.  I must say it is an odd feeling. Anyone that knows me really well knows I'm a baby person.   I loved being pregnant ...every time.  I was not the best pregnant person but I did enjoy it.  I love infants I love the smell, the sounds, the amazing miracle of all of it!! 

As I move into a new chapter of my life my roll will change.  I have been a caretaker of an infant for half of my married life.  I'm nervous, excited, and really wishing that I would have the power to slow everything down.  I'm so worried that in all the Boys everyday I'm going to miss something and not ever get that time back.  So, this is where the importance of the birthday party comes into play.

The baby will have his BIG party on Saturday and It is so important.  Life is a gift that we must celebrate and cherish no matter how long or short.  I'm hoping to take pictures, have our wonderful family and friends over and enjoy this time.  I'm praying that Colton gets to enjoy his cake and some new toys that make music and help him make new connections with the world around him.  I will take time to just watch, and listen.  I will make sure that my Big One year old knows that tomorrow is a special day for him.  Like his brothers he will know that on 10/13/10 he was brought into this world into a loving family, and before he was ever created he was always in my heart. 

So, on the Eve of Colton Lee's birthday I say "Thank You".  Thank You for being my baby.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your everyday.  Thank You for being such a bright spot in my darkest days.  Thank You for making me a momma to 4 boys and.  Thank You for letting me be the mom that will always call you baby......even though your age is changing from months to years! How did I ever get to be so lucky!!  I love you!!! 

God and  Angel Sofie Thank You for consistently reminding me of the gifts I have been given.