Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Little Boys.....Snips, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

     I wanted to share some random things that have happened the past few days. I haven't felt 100% the past few days but life keeps going and I have 4 busy boys that keep me moving.  It can be hectic, crazy, fun, and never boring!
     The other day Ty walks up to me with a slug, yes a slug in his hand crawling leaving a unique trail of slime.  OK so I see a ton of bugs all different kinds, worms, but slugs are just gross to me and I don't think they are really designed to be held or touched for that matter.  In the same day Nolan (our comedian) says "Mommy I love shark week can we catch a shark and keep it". No, love they have to stay in the ocean!! Nolan also periodically breaks into song singing "Like it's dynamite, I said a ehoh, a ehoh, like it's dynamite" as loud as he can (thank you KidzBop!)
     Yesterday was filled with boys in the neighborhood coming over in, out, in, out, at one point I found myself saying things my mom used to say to me "in or out boys pick one and stay there". Next I'm saying "Stay outside and play you go back to school in 16 days." Then as they are outside I'm watching them jump bikes off ramps, skateboard down the driveway, race on scooters, and now I'm shouting "get helmets on or you are coming inside"...wait didn't I just talk them into going outside?  Ugh!
    Life with a new puppy has been busy.   The boys have been helping out a ton.  They take her outside, they give her treats and have even mastered using the bag to clean up after Cocoa does her "business".   Yesterday Tyler says "Mom when can we get 2 dogs?".  Really, I think we just got Cocoa  one week ago.  Let's get her trained first and then we'll talk OK kiddo!!   Have a beautiful day.  Slow down and enjoy the little things.
     *Today is my mom's birthday!! Happy Birthday mom!! We love you!!


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