Monday, August 8, 2011

Bad People Making Bad Choices in Great Communities

I have always had the privilege of living in a community that had low crime.  There was no reason to lock your door, have a security system or worry about people knowing you are out of town.  I’ve lived in comfort, the comfort of my home, the comfort of my neighborhood, the comfort of a quiet community.   I’ve worked hard to make sure that my children too have the benefits of living in a community with low crime.  We have left doors unlocked, we still have a block party every summer, and we take walks after dark. 

Yesterday my comfort was shaken, stirred by the shootings in Copley.  Growing up in nearby community and having so many friends, co-workers and relatives live in Copley it’s similarities to my childhood community make it such a close relative.  Copley and Revere were huge rivals.  We would battle for the bell every year but most of us would still have friendships with students from Copley.  It was part of the culture, the peace because we lived in such great communities we had so much in common it was easy to be friendly with one another.

If you told me that this would happen, that I would wake up and see Massacre In Copley I’d say you’re crazy it doesn’t happen there.  The reality is it can happen anywhere.  Green, Wadsworth, Norton, Hudson, Medina, Jackson, Strongsville, no community is immune.  It is so hard to remember that people make bad choices everyday and follow the wrong path.  It’s even harder when others bad choices effect your everyday, take away the ones you love, and alter your future.  I commend all law enforcement involved, (Akron, Fairlawn, Copley) and I’m impressed with their swift action and organization.  Delivering information to people that are struggling to understand.  Another piece of what makes a great community.

We will pray for the families, we will remember the good times and we will hug our loved ones a little tighter as the realization comes to light.    We never know, We are not in control.  We will still raise our children in these great communities, because they will ALWAYS be great.   We can still love our neighbors; still come together at High School football games.   We can still enjoy our parades and festivals our school systems.  We will support our friends, our neighbors.  We will be reminded that everyday is a gift and to live it well!! 

Today I remember all of the victims of the shootings in Copley, Ohio on Sunday August 7, 2011. 

~God Bless

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  1. Thoughts and prayers with everyone in Copley. Heartbreaking.