Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Power of One

It's amazing to me what power one person can have.  One person can persuade you to say yes or say no.  One person can teach you something new.  One person can influence a nation.   One person can love you and make you feel on top of the world.  One life can have such an impact on you that it can forever change you.
My eyes have been opened to a "new" person I can be.  A person that can do more, that can move more, that can use this life that I've been given MORE .  After having 4 children and being married (For 11 years on Sat) it is so easy to get into a routine into a rut.  The same old, same old way of eachday.   Yes there will always be laundry, and dishes and meals, and bills but what can I do to make eachday have a purpose beyond the "normal" day.
One person can serve others by volunteering a little time to help in some way.  A neighbor in need, a friend that needs a listening ear, a child that needs a playmate and a friend, a spouse that needs encouragement, a parent that needs thanked for all they've done, a cause that needs support in the form of two helping hands.  There are many things that one person can do with a heart that is open to it.    Whatever it is you are One Person that has the power!!  One life that can offer help and love another.  So what kind of One are you going to be.  Someone is waiting for your heart to be the one that makes a difference~

Have a beautiful day~

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